Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The best things are free

Most non-violent crime is related to money and property. Life would be great if everyone did everything and gave away everything for free just to help each other out, like sharing a college textbook cause it costs too much to buy. But that'll never happen because we live in a capitalist society with a deep rooted sense of greed. We're asked what we want to do when we grow up as children, how about sit around and play games and browse our favorite websites? That's why the internet community is so great...free torrents, information on ANYTHING you'd want to know and somethings you don't. Coming home after a crappy day at work is always nice, and by coming home I mean sitting in front of the computer. Companionship and "love" are great too, and you can get that online too, a lot of times for free if you take the time to take an interest in your partner, just like in real life.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

How did we live before the internet

Life sucks without internet access. Everyone reading this probably has internet at home whenever they want it. Sometimes I don't have internet and I have to think of entertaining things to do on my own without the help of online games and videos and online social interaction. Is it a dependency that is unhealthy or is it a resource of limitless information. It's hard for me to say anymore.. all I know is it's been a major factor in my entire life since AOL 3.0 and I feel sometimes helpless without it. If high speed internet was free to everyone in America what would we be like. Probably better off since we wouldn't have to think of our own stupid things to do that we may or may not overlook the safety of, but who knows?